Steak And Seafood

Maybe you've had steak and seafood from other restaurants, but have you had steak and seafood from Umami Auburn? At our restaurant, we pride ourselves in being a top-notch restaurant in Auburn for fresh seafood and juicy, perfectly cooked steaks. We have a wonderful selection of dishes for you to choose from! If you are ready to experience the authentic seafood flavors from Umami Auburn, then book your reservation today. We want your time with us to be the best its ever been, so if you have any questions about our menu, please give us a call. You can also visit our website for more information. We can't wait to serve you soon!

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Thai Beef Salad

At Umami Auburn, we serve an array of flavorful salads, including our customer-favorite Thai beef salad! While incorporating the basic ingredients of a regular salad, we add an abundance of Thai spices to enhance the flavor of the beef. Tossed with other fresh vegetables, our Thai beef salad can't be beat! Order a Thai beef salad from our restaurant when you visit our Auburn, AL location. We have built a reputation on our amazing customer service and affordable prices. To view our menu, you can click on our website link for more information.

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Steamed Mussel

Are you a seafood fanatic? Well to expand your tastes, try our steamed mussel dish. Even though our recipe is kept a secret, we want to tell you about our cooking process. With our special base flavor, we add the mussels to a large cooking pot and saute with an array of lemon, wine, and other wonderful herbs and spices. Once the mussels are perfectly steamed, they are served directly to your plate! If you have never tried steam mussels, or perhaps you're coming back for more, order your dish from Umami Auburn. We want to exceed your expectations when it comes to seafood and other fresh-made meals.

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Debbie Duin, Auburn, Al
Dined at Umami for the first time tonight. The food was delicious! The hot small bites were wonderful, and our main dish was delicious!
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